Causes Of Neck Pain And Back Pain And Their Remedies.

neck pain, back pain can limit your movement capabilities and if do not do anything about it can get worse and spread and totally limits your movements.Sitting in one position for too long causes back pain and therefore avoid sitting in front and working on a computer screen or watching television for longer time stand and take a slight walk.Craning your neck to read news on your phone causes neck pain ,don’t crane your neck. Being overweight causes your muscles to overstretched and cause you back pain and so eat a well balanced diet meal with less fats.

Standing against the wall with your feet shoulder- width helps your to ease your back pain. Lifting of overweight luggage at the posture causes and so when lifting heavy stuff avoid bending or twisting your back ,ask for help to lift .It is very crucial for for you to use your legs to lift and not your waist.Having a good rest or quality sleep on a firm mattress you to avoid back pain, while sleeping do not use a sharp pillow because this will make you make you feel pain on your neck. Always sleep at the right posture which your back is straight to avoid straining your muscles.

When walking it is important to always maintain a good walking upright position.It has been proven that smoking causes neck pain and back pain and so at all costs avoid smoking because it is also not for your health.During sport like football one can get severe back pain or neck pain as of big blow ,should you get such a injury on your neck or back when playing it is advisable to immediately seek medical treatment from a doctor as soon as possible so that you will be given the best treatment and avoid further damages to your back or your neck.